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Company profile

REMES is a large warehouse company selling rubber technical, asbestos technical, electroinsulating and polymer materials, allowing to provide wide range of production within the territory of one base and complete practically any order.

We take orders for manufacturing of rubber technical goods of different complicacy degree by form method. It is possible to manufacture interflanged (flanged) fabricated shims made of rubber (heat, cold, acids and alkalies resistant; oil and petrol resistant, EPDM), paronite (concrete resistant paronite of common use, oil and petrol resistant, acids resistant paronite, asbestos‑free), fluorine-4 (PTFE), thermal expanded graphite, silicon rubber, food grade rubber, cardboard and other materials with dimensions from 10 to 1500 mm and in the thickness from 1 to 15 mm. We take orders for manufacturing of shims according to drawing.

Convenient, Advantageously and Simply!

— Delivery to transport company on Moscow is carried out free of charge.

— Company specialists can calculate the most advantageous terms of shipment within Russia and CIS by railway companies, container and freight forwarding companies.

— Professional consultations about the purpose, usage and characteristics of the production offered.

— Delivery by agreement with the customer of non-working day is Saturday.

— Conclusion of contracts with the possibility of respite.

— Possibility of large scale and consumers' retail service.

— Possibility to carry out an order by telephone as well as by online store.

— High quality of production is proved by certificates and passports.

— Wide range of products allows to reduce a term of delivery and time of product waiting.

— Price policy is flexible.

Principal directions of the company’s activity!

One of the most extensive groups of products delivered our company are rubber products which include the following production:

Conveyor belts. Conveyor belt is used for transportation of different lump, dry and piece goods. Conveyor belts can be manufactured from polyurethane (aimed to transportation of dry and piece materials on aclinal and inclined conveyors), modular conveyors (have many accessories), cross ridge partitions, creepers, holding belt on the curves, anti-slippage gaskets, border profiles (lobes). Conveyor rubber-fabric belts, All-ex-Union State Standard (GOST) 20–85.

Hoses. We produce hoses to satisfy any demand of mining industry consumers, energy industry consumers and consumers of similar industries in regard to kinds of technical processes. At present we produce wide range of this production with various combination of materials, armours and reinforcement, meant for operation in different aggressive media, different temperature band and pressure range. There is a division for high-pressure hoses, delivery hoses, delivery — suction hoses, hoses for hot gas welding etc.

Driving belts. In many homing systems there is a necessity of rotational moment transfer from mechanism to arbor of intermediate mechanism. Driving belts GOST 1284–80, GOST 5813–93 etc. provide smooth transfer of power with the high KPI rate. Driving belts provide smooth and practically noiseless mechanism running at a grate pace, in such a way protecting mechanism from load violent oscillatory motion at the expense of driving belt elasticity. At the same time belt possibility of sliding allows to cut the likelihood of excessive mechanism overloading.

Molded mechanicals. These are the gaskets which provide airtightness of aggregates, mechanisms and equipment. They can be used for working in different media (water, oil, oil products). There are two methods of molded mechanicals manufacturing, they are molding and rubber mixcure (in a special form).

Asbestos-made mechanical articles. Fiber rock is a fibrous substance of mineral origin, it has good dielectric property. Production on the basis of fiber rock is used as heat-fast thermal insulator for manufacturing of industrial engineering, high endurance, asbestos-reinforced laminates, frictioned fabrics. Fiber rock is also used for manufacturing of asbestos fabric, asbestos cloth, asbestos cardboard and other products, paronite and gland packing.

Electroinsulating and polymer materials. Construction, electroinsulating and chemically resistant polymer materials are characterized by high strength. Field of application: engineering industry, motor industry, wood working, food production, chemistry, petroleum chemistry, maintenance of machines and equipment, water supply organizations.

We will do our best for achievement of mutually advantageous working terms and necessary results!

We wish you prosperity!